Family Law



One in two marriages will end in divorce and our office brings 35 years of aggressive yet compassionate representation to each and every case.  We realize divorce is generally a difficult time for our clients and their families. We try to separate the emotional from the business side of  a divorce and encourage our clients to objectively consider their alternatives.

Our divorce lawyers will protect your assets and interests in your divorce proceedings. We are trained in the division of assets, child support calculations, pension division by qualified domestic relation order and continued health care benefits. 

We have a Rhode Island divorce lawyer who is a certified mediator and works with parties who are interested in mediation as a means to resolve their divorce.

We also represent clients who live outside Rhode Island and are parties to a divorce in the State of Rhode Island.

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Our child support lawyers defend those who have fallen behind in child support due to economic circumstances such as job loss or medical issues. We also represent parents seeking to establish or modify child support when there has been a significant change in circumstances. 

Our office will also litigate on behalf of parties who are owed back child support. Contact our RI child support lawyers for help with your case.


Child custody can be one of the most complex areas of family law and one of the hardest to deal with on a personal level for a parent. When necessary we work with child psychologists and other experts to determine what is in the best interest of the children. Our lawyers have been selected as experts to lecture in the subject of child custody.

Our attorneys represent parents who wish to relocate to another state with a child. Some factors considered include: economic, familial support, ties to the state of Rhode Island, and what is in the best interest of the child.  In addition, our family law lawyers represent clients who want to object to their ex-spouse’s relocation with a child.

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The adoption process is complex and requires a skilled attorney to prepare and comply with the procedural requirements for an adoption in Rhode Island. Let our RI adoption lawyers take care of the paperwork and stress so your family can enjoy the process of adding a new family member.

Stepparent Adoption

Our office represents blended families and stepparents seeking to adopt stepchildren. Preparation for a stepparent adoption includes whether or not the biological parent of the child consents to the stepparent’s adoption or has abandoned or neglected the child. 

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Protecting assets acquired during or before the marriage may be important to couples who are married later in life or who have acquired significant assets prior to the marriage. Our lawyers have been published on the premarital agreements and argued successfully significant cases before the Rhode Island Supreme Court on the subject. 

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Our office welcomes lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer LGBTQ clients and provides a sensitive environment to discuss  legal matters in this area. Our attorneys have undergone training to support and assist clients with issues that impact the LGBTQ community. Our office has been at the forefront of these issues and continues to provide cutting edge services in this area.


Same sex marriage became legal in Rhode Island in 2013. We handle all issues surrounding same sex couples including: pre-marital agreements, divorce, adoption, or other domestic relations questions. Our attorneys have over 35 years of experience in family law and ensuring the rights of same sex parties are represented in court. 

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The law that applies to same sex couples is similar to that which applies to traditional couples, however there are some differences which we are aware of and we keep abreast of current developments in this fast changing area. One of the major requirements for same sex couples to divorce in Rhode Island is residency.

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