Wills and Estate Planning


Our estate planning lawyers will help you preserve your assets, and protect your family from estate tax liability. Our lawyers will help your estate avoid probate litigation which can be costly, public, and extend the time for your heirs to receive their inheritance.

Our estate plans help you carry out your wishes in a cost efficient manner. Contact our Rhode Island estate planning lawyers to see what type of estate plan is best for you and your family.


Wills can be an effective tool for transferring assets to your heirs upon your death. However, with the advanced use of living trusts, avoiding probate is sometimes possible and a better alternative for your estate.

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A trust is a legal tool drafted to express a client’s wishes on transferring their assets during their life and after their passing.  All trusts should be funded properly after their creation with bank accounts, or other assets.

Trusts can be revocable or irrevocable. A revocable living trust provides options for probate avoidance, saving heirs time and unnecessary expense. A revocable living trust can be modified at any time and is controlled by the client during their lifetime. Assets can be transferred in or out of the trust at any time. The efficient use of a revocable trust provides clients with a private distribution of assets, which may not be subject to probate proceedings.

An irrevocable trust has certain state and federal tax advantages. The creator/client who creates the irrevocable trust cannot modify or change the trust and assets cannot be withdrawn once they are added to the irrevocable trust. An irrevocable trust is for the person who wishes to transfer assets permanently out of their control and gain a tax advantage.

Contact our RI trust lawyers to determine which type of trust is best for you and your family.


We prepare both financial and health care powers of attorney for clients who want to designate an individual to act in their place if they are unable to do so. Planning for a power of attorney to act in your place is important in the event of an incapacity, emergency situation, or deployment. Having a power of attorney drafted when you are most competent is important and relieves you of anxiety in the event of an emergency.

Contact our RI power of attorney lawyers for information on drafting this important legal document.


When parties cannot resolve their differences relating to a will, trust, or other estate-planning documents amicably, our attorneys are skilled in probate court litigation and appeals to Rhode Island Superior Court from Probate Court.

Our office represents executors and trustees of an estate during probate proceedings. In addition, we represent heirs who wish to contest a will or trust looking to have the original intent of the creator honored.

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Rhode Island has a large elderly population and the “baby boomers” that follow in their footsteps need expert legal advice regarding how to prepare for the orderly transfer of assets.  Without such a plan, individuals may be subject to increased inheritance taxes and the overall estate amount may be subject to state or federal taxes.

We are skilled in filing the proper documents with both the state of Rhode Island and the federal taxing authorities.

Contact our office to learn more about how to save your estate from unnecessary expense and taxation.   


Our guardianship lawyers provide assistance to those seeking guardianship of a loved one who cannot manage their affairs due to mental or physical handicap. The probate process for guardianship is complicated but our attorneys are experienced in handling the complex and sensitive issues that arise.

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